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Summer Concert

June 4, 2010

Oh, listen. Can you hear it? The tiny rhythms of the bee darting among the flowers and dipping into sweetness. His working buzz firmly in place alerts us to his presence and reminds us of his purpose. I love his gaudy frock, so unexpectedly tailored.

And what is that sound? Of course it’s the Robin. What would these sultry days be without those Sweet Soprano’s filling the heat with their heartfelt praise? My how verbal she becomes when we peek at her babies. We best stay clear lest she pack up her musical repertoire and move to Nashville.

I love the soft sounds of our flag moving in the stir of a breeze. And the way the day lilies curtsey when she moves through the landscape, as tough nodding their approval of her presence. The garden chimes get caught up in a whirl of excitement when an unexpected breath of an afternoon storm rushes in. Soon the bass rumbling of thunder will quieten the birds serenade and cause the bees to shelter inside buttercups.

Yes, I love the musical mosaic of summer…from the distant giggles of playing children, the hum of a lawn mower in a neighbors yard, the clinking of ice cubes against a frosty mug, and the sound of rain dancing across rooftops.

Lean in and listen…don’t miss the music.

What do you hear?