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June 8, 2010

Where do lost thoughts go? I mean really.

This morning I was on a mission walking with great gusto from the bedroom to the kitchen when the slate of my brain was wiped clean. By the time my foot hit the kitchen hardwood I had no idea why I had rushed in there. So here’s my question…where did that initially motivating thought go?

I considered the possibility of a “thought-nabber”. I mean I have had suspicious looking dust bunnies bordering on the size of cougars who hang out at my place from time to time. Perhaps they nabbed my brilliance and are this very minute burrowing my thoughts under the bed?

Or maybe the snarky sock-thief who lives in my clothes dryer is spinning my thoughts on the wash-n-wear cycle for his twisted entertainment.

Or what about the possibility they were doomed to have a short shelf-life? Unlike…say Twinkies, which will outlive dirt, “Seinfeld” re-runs, and earwax.

Is there a home for stray thoughts? If so mine must need an addition the size of an air field! I hear myself regularly ask my hubby, “Do you know what I came in here to do?” He often looks at me dazed and then I realize, he’s in search of his own thoughts…

I know it’s not nice but his muddled-ness comforts me.

Do you know where your “thoughts” are?

P.S. If you don’t struggle with LTS (lost thought syndrome) hang in there my nimble-minded friend you will…you will!

Why I remember when…uh…let’s see…uh, nevermind!