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Freedom…let’s live in it!

June 11, 2010

Some days I make myself giggle…out loud. And some days I almost bust my buttons with delight that I accomplished so much. But there are those days…I’m so over me.

Here I am at my age, think antique, and I’m still not who I wanted to be when I grew up. I had hoped I’d be more, uh, well, sophisticated. More settled. More simple. Instead I remain unlearned in most of the arts. I can and do get rattled over small frustrations. And I am a complicated wad of femininity…sometimes even puzzling myself.

I take comfort in that God is ongoing in His efforts concerning us. He is not surprised by our human frailty. He understands us even when we don’t. And best of all He knows we won’t have it all together until we step into His dear purifying presence.

Our longing to be more is a good thing as long as we use it as motivation to move forward and not a whip to beat our selves up. Jesus gave His life for our freedom…let’s live in it!