May 18, 2010

Girlfriends come in all shapes and patterns and bring into our lives their attitudes, dreams, heartaches, encouragement, and perspectives. Without them we are limited and lonely. With them we are challenged, comforted, and heard. I personally am drawn to those filled with spunk and sensibility.

Recently two of my favorite friends on planet earth came for a “I just wanna visit” time. We giggled, exhorted, shopped, talked about what mattered, and, of course, ate buckets of food. Anita and Jan make me laugh, think, and they fan the flame of my faith…I am grateful for that kind of rich companionship.

Take time out of your demands to celebrate with friends if for no other reason then you “wanna.”


You’re a gift…

May 12, 2010

My friend Carol was an amazing artist and every great once in awhile she realized it…but then all too quickly the information would seep out the hole in her heart. And she would slip into the cozy corner of complacency.

I so understand holes in the heart and complacency. They may be my more obvious gifts. Here’s what I think happens to many of us: old messages of worthlessness puncture our heart causing spill-off of pertinent information like “I am loved,” “I have value,” and oh, yes, “I have gifts.”

Sometimes we don’t recognize our gift because its dressed in familiarity and/or seems to come to us too easily to be considered anything special. When you grow up being a good listener you don’t think of it it as something beyond how you’ve always been, while others are undeniably drawn to your hospitable heart as a place of shelter.

So for a moment let’s think “gift.”

What do others compliment you on about yourself? Maybe its your sense of style, your blueberry muffins, your green thumb, your calming influence, your organizational mind, etc.

Now how are we using our gifts to serve the body of Christ? To help our neighborhood? To impact our homes atmosphere? To lead others to the transforming love of Christ?

If you’re uncertain what your gift is ask half a dozen trusted people who know you well and are successful in their life. See if two or three of them are saying the same thing. That’s a strong indicator and clarifier.

We need to be careful not to brag on our gift because that tends to put human smudges on God’s holy generosity. Yet we should never refuse acknowledgement of His gift within us, thats not humility, that’s down right foolish and obstinate. And another caution is we need to be careful not to use our gift to get our needs met. Jesus gets jealous. He is our need meeter. And our gift is not meant to be used for manipulation but for the manifestation of who God is in us.

My friend Carol is in heaven now. All her broken places are healed. Before she died Carol whispered that she “couldn’t wait to see the colors in heaven.” I thought…”Spoken like a true artist!”


Mother’s Day

May 10, 2010

I spent Mother’s Day in Michigan, which was great fun! Les and I have been holding up in Tennessee and loving it…but when it comes to grandkids, there’s no place like home.

My daughter-in-law Danya cooked an amazing Mother’s Day dinner. She has been making her way through the Pioneer Woman’s recipes and we the recipients are thrilled. From rosemary dinner rolls, green beans, lasagna, lamp chops, cole slaw, and yummy mashed potatoes it made taste buds want to rise up and call her blessed.

Danya wouldn’t let her mom or me do anything. Personally I love that game plan. I’m easily pampered. Not a resistant bone in me just bring on the fan and bon-bons Honey-Girl!

Dessert was a good three pounds more on the you-ate-too-much-again-scale. It was chocolate pie good enough to make you want to slap your granny, AND delectable pound cake smothered in fresh strawberries and whipping cream. Somebody stop me!

Somebody should have! For some reason I didn’t sleep well last night. groan. Bring on the Rolaids. Make mine a double!

The dessert that pleased me most was the non-caloric grandboys! Now that double is a pleasure. Justin (9) and Noah (7) wrote me precious letters. Two things they especially liked about me is I let them help me decorate our big Christmas tree and I fix good popcorn…and oh, yes I’m nice.

Thanks boys…that works for me.

What did you do Sunday?


His Heart…

May 6, 2010

Me and Tenessee

May 4, 2010

When the rains began in TN I was in Ohio for the Columbus WOF Conference. I stayed in contact with my husband, which is our usual weekend pattern. I called him Saturday at 5:00 and was unprepared to hear our street had been taped off and firemen had waded up to our home and our neighbors to see if they needed to be rescued. Huh? Rescued? How did it get that bad so quickly? Our next door neighbor had to be toted on a fireman’s back to our house, which is on a higher lot.

Turns out this is the worst flooding in Franklin in hundreds of years. It took a 7 hour car ride before I arrived home from Ohio. By then the water had receded for a few hours, but as I approached our street it was once again encroaching upon our house. It was charging up our driveway like the rapids in a river. It looked like a main break it was pumping so hard.

We parked in a neighbors driveway and I sloshed my way around the house to the back door and within minutes the National Guard and police once again cordoned off our street.

Gratefully it only flooded under our house drowning our hot water heater…for many others the losses would be catastrophic. Some lost their businesses, crops, pets, furnishings, homes, and even family members.

The first night home we were under curfew starting at 6 p.m. That was my first curfew since I was a kid when I had to be home when the streetlights came on. I had never seen the ravages of flood water first-hand before and it was startling. We walked around town to glimpse the areas effected and then headed for our respective homes.

Today the sunshines and the birds sing, but the losses continue…reality is setting in and for many it will be a hot summer of recovery and for others a long season of grief.

Pray for Tennessee.


Wake up call…

April 29, 2010

Some mornings I bound out of bed eager to pirouette into the world….while other days the molasses in my brain saps my strength putting my dance on hold!

“Wake Up!” I say to myself, who is not listening. “Wake Up OR you’ll be sorry.”

And sorry I am when I have to battle the headwinds of my own delinquency. The strain of being tardy, the stress of not having time to pick up my messes, and the nerve-wracking  drive through traffic make me a prime candidate for president of the Grumpy Club…all because I did not get an early start and focus on priorities.

So here I go! With one purposeful fling I’m casting myself full fledge into life! Watch out “So You Think You Can Dance” competitors, here comes Patsy in her orthopedic tutu!!

p.s. join me?


Crafty part 2

April 28, 2010