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Mother’s Day

May 10, 2010

I spent Mother’s Day in Michigan, which was great fun! Les and I have been holding up in Tennessee and loving it…but when it comes to grandkids, there’s no place like home.

My daughter-in-law Danya cooked an amazing Mother’s Day dinner. She has been making her way through the Pioneer Woman’s recipes and we the recipients are thrilled. From rosemary dinner rolls, green beans, lasagna, lamp chops, cole slaw, and yummy mashed potatoes it made taste buds want to rise up and call her blessed.

Danya wouldn’t let her mom or me do anything. Personally I love that game plan. I’m easily pampered. Not a resistant bone in me just bring on the fan and bon-bons Honey-Girl!

Dessert was a good three pounds more on the you-ate-too-much-again-scale. It was chocolate pie good enough to make you want to slap your granny, AND delectable pound cake smothered in fresh strawberries and whipping cream. Somebody stop me!

Somebody should have! For some reason I didn’t sleep well last night. groan. Bring on the Rolaids. Make mine a double!

The dessert that pleased me most was the non-caloric grandboys! Now that double is a pleasure. Justin (9) and Noah (7) wrote me precious letters. Two things they especially liked about me is I let them help me decorate our big Christmas tree and I fix good popcorn…and oh, yes I’m nice.

Thanks boys…that works for me.

What did you do Sunday?


Mysterious Love

April 5, 2010

Easter Sunday I visited a neighborhood church. The sun was full on the landscape. I could feel it’s warmth even as I passed under a canopy of flowering trees. Pink and white petals were underfoot as well and clustered the edges of beds of purple pansies. I made my way up the church steps, through a crowded entry, and into an already full sanctuary.

After I was seated I began looking around at my surroundings…

Beautiful stained glass windows lined the room, which I found out later were made by Tiffany’s. The wood interior, the profusion of flowers, and a palpable anticipation coming from the people nearby, caused me, a stranger, to lean in with an eager heart. I was not disappointed.

From delightful bell playing, to triumphant trumpets and horns, to a rich pipe organ the experience was uplifting. My favorite part though was the finely directed choir. Not a large choir (maybe 20) but obviously gifted. By the time they sang the Hallelujah Chorus my heart was operatic with joy.

A young boy (perhaps 11) carried a golden cross entwined with live Easter lilies down the aisle. From the back a minister cried out, “He is risen. Alleluia.”

I left the service pondering the mystery of it all. The tomb is empty and because of that my heart is full.



He is Risen…

April 4, 2010


Happy Birthday Nana!!!

April 3, 2010

For Good-ness Sake

April 2, 2010

It is an incredibly beautiful Friday morning….new life is everywhere. The birds are particularly melodic as if they have a new song to sing and they are trying to get the words memorized. Fresh green sprouts are apparent on many trees, while others are in full white and pink bloom regalia. Fragrance pirouettes in the squeaky-clear air while fluffy tailed squirrels prance and skitter tree to tree.

Spring is all about life…and in the midst of all natures exuberance we are reminded today on Good Friday that Jesus died. Death is so initially brutal and separating…ahh, but the end result of our Savior’s death was/is endless opportunities. The opportunity to experience the indwelling Christ in our daily experiences, the opportunity to be released from the guilt and shame of our mistakes, failures, and sins and the security that we are never alone, that in Christ’s hands even the worst becomes the best for our lives, and that we have an eternal future.

It’s an incredibly beautiful Friday morning…and I understand why we call it Good