June 8, 2010

Where do lost thoughts go? I mean really.

This morning I was on a mission walking with great gusto from the bedroom to the kitchen when the slate of my brain was wiped clean. By the time my foot hit the kitchen hardwood I had no idea why I had rushed in there. So here’s my question…where did that initially motivating thought go?

I considered the possibility of a “thought-nabber”. I mean I have had suspicious looking dust bunnies bordering on the size of cougars who hang out at my place from time to time. Perhaps they nabbed my brilliance and are this very minute burrowing my thoughts under the bed?

Or maybe the snarky sock-thief who lives in my clothes dryer is spinning my thoughts on the wash-n-wear cycle for his twisted entertainment.

Or what about the possibility they were doomed to have a short shelf-life? Unlike…say Twinkies, which will outlive dirt, “Seinfeld” re-runs, and earwax.

Is there a home for stray thoughts? If so mine must need an addition the size of an air field! I hear myself regularly ask my hubby, “Do you know what I came in here to do?” He often looks at me dazed and then I realize, he’s in search of his own thoughts…

I know it’s not nice but his muddled-ness comforts me.

Do you know where your “thoughts” are?

P.S. If you don’t struggle with LTS (lost thought syndrome) hang in there my nimble-minded friend you will…you will!

Why I remember when…uh…let’s see…uh, nevermind!



  1. Too cute!

    If there is a home for stray thoughts, I also need a moving van that captures those stray thoughts that fly out my car window. I’m forever driving into town, crossing the bridge and trying to remember why and where I was headed.

    Has your neighborhood recovered from the flood, Patsy?

  2. As you get older, the LTS syndrome ages with you. At present my closet is full of them. I just figure after the third or fourth time that I enter a room for the same thing that it wasn’t important to begin with. I just procede as if I knew what I was doing and if it comes to me, then I can either do or fetch whatever I was aiming for. The problem is that others depend on me to find their lost thoughts, too. I distinctly remember having everyone at a family vacation asking me if I knew where something was, even though I had never beheld the objects in question. Lucy do you know where ? is, Mom have you seen my? Grandma where is my ? It’s so nice to be needed.

  3. They are with the left socks!

    This happens to me more and more of late, as well.

    Becky K.

  4. I was going to write something profound. But I’ve forgotten what it was.

    I do so miss my mind!

  5. I believe I have LTS. This morning I was headed to the kitchen to warm my coffee in the microwave and do one more thing. After placing my coffee in for 40 seconds, I stood in the middle of the room wondering what else I was going to do. I finally remembered! I was getting the dogs leash to walk him! AND THEN… I couldn’t find my coffee.

  6. I had a brilliant reply I was going to write but then that stealing thought fairy took it away, oh well!

  7. Hah! Yeah… I have LTS. I have it so bad…. when I’m talking my hubby will interrupt me with one of his thoughts out loud; my thoughts just fly out the window never to return. Then he asks me, what were you saying? Uh… never-mind… dunno!

  8. Thank you so much for giving words to my thoughts! My husband has been looking at me like I have grown another head lately when I ask him ‘why did I come in here?’. He writes list after list after list. I find them scattered all over the house and in the washing machine. Then he comes to me asking where his lists are. I don’t feel so bad then. I may have my thoughts sneaking out of my head, but at least you won’t find them all over the house. My thoughts may be scattered about but they tend to keep to themselves.

  9. Happens to me all the time! I went into the store yesterday to get 2 things, Aleve and Tums. I got the Aleve and couldn’t remember what the other thing was. I stood there looking around trying to remember and finally gave up. I remembered about 2 hours later when I got heartburn and the store was closed.

  10. My LTS has worsened of late. As I keep forgetting that I was going to look for them, I’ve never found where they went. Maybe the dog stole them when looking so earnestly into my eyes. Now I make lists but had to come up with a way to remember to check them and keep them in a safe place that I could remember!

  11. Cracking up. I keep wondering what is wrong with me, and my theory is that all my lost thoughts have been replaced with others tweets and twots on social media. I keep wondering if I’ve a single, original thought anymore. But perhaps instead they’re with yours somewhere, that would be nice.

  12. What a great post. So funny but so true. Thanks for making it something we can smile about

  13. well I had a thought..but it flew out one ear and then the other. It is comforting to know I don’t walk this road alone.

  14. Well….I remembered my name and the address came up on its own…..now…what was I going to write?

    Oh yes, I lost my memory some time ago and am waiting to hear from it.

  15. Just think there are a lot of good things to be said about not remembering things. I can never stay angry with anyone because I don’t remember why I got upset in the first place. If my husband has left his socks on the floor by the time he comes home at night I forget to tell him that I was upset about him doing that, so it saves on a lot of why didn’t you…. It is also good for your diet, you go into the kitchen to get a piece of pie, can’t remember if you baked one so instead you get a glass of water and some carrots. So forgetting things can be good.

  16. Oh Patsy, you just described my life. Someone told me once that I had Adult Attention Deficit Disorder (AADD), but now I know the true diagnosis is Lost Thought Syndrome! Sometimes my mind forgets it has a good memory and I spend my days wandering about looking for those lost thoughts. It’s like connecting the dots through the fog.

  17. I am clearly going with the conspiracy theory of aliens installing invisible mindzappers in doorways while we sleep. yep yep!!

    btw, one of my favorite funny sayings is…can’t lose what you never had. LOL!!

    ok, that’ll do it for my weird blog response for the day. 😀

  18. Thanks for the laugh, Patsy! I’m right there with you…I was just formulating my thoughts for a response to your post & all of a sudden it was gone…where did it go? Someone recently told me it’s because the older we get the more information our brains have accumulated & has to keep track of. I’m sticking with that one!

  19. LOL~~LTS!! A new malady to add to the list! I’ve never pondered that deep question before of ‘where DO they go?!’, some eventually recyle after rattling around in the brain…Bill Cosby said something about keeping them in the seat of our pants (I think), cuz sometimes you remember them just after you sit down!! Love to my Sisters who share LTS w/ me!

  20. Patsy, this is so funny, and so true!
    My Aunt Mattie is 96 years old and last week she called her sister at 9:30 pm on Saturday evening…

    “Von? Hon, you and Lee will just have to go on to church without me this morning. I got up and have eaten breakfast and made my bed, but there’s just not enough time for me to get ready for church.”

    “Mattie, its only 9:30 on Saturday evening. You just go back to bed and back to sleep until tomorrow morning… Sunday morning.”

    True story!

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