Beginning Anew…

May 21, 2010

God has given us a sense of” beginning anew” with a fresh day. I often fall asleep at night thinking tomorrow will be the day I ___ ___ ____. (fill in blanks)

Mine might read:

Go on a diet,

Clean out my pantry,

Start walking,

Set fresh goals for my writing,

Read the stack of books at my bedside,

Cook (huh, now that’s extreme),

Draw, paint, take pictures,

Give up whining,

blah. blah, blah.

Tomorrow breathes hope into my “undoneness.” And today is my tomorrow…so I’m off to start on my list.

How about you? What’s on your tomorrow list? What will you begin today??



  1. I’m always trying to diet and exercise, my nature isn’t very cooperative. Obesity is a family trait. Loving to cook doesn’t help, but hating to clean up does.

    Seems like taking care of people is my destiny. Only with the Lord’s strength will I be able to do this. Find myself getting older and not able to do what I used to do. I still try and do make messes. Starting my day with God’s Word and hanging on to Him all day long helps more than anything else.

    I bill myself as the clean up crew. Is that whining? Possibly!

  2. I will *finally* say no and streamline life! HA!

  3. I never look too far ahead honestly. I live day by day. Nobody know if tomorrow will come with Jesus’ return at hand. Remember God’s word saying nobody knows the hour or the day of HIS return. I only trust and have faith that God has it all in control. However, because I do run a business, I set appointments for clients. I know that whatever day it is I’m going to praise and worship GOD and thank HIM for His grace and mercy given to me, an unworthy soul. I’m not good enough to deserve it but because HE loves me He gives it to me and I gladly accept. Amen!

  4. It’s your day Lord, let’s go on a journey!

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