May 18, 2010

Girlfriends come in all shapes and patterns and bring into our lives their attitudes, dreams, heartaches, encouragement, and perspectives. Without them we are limited and lonely. With them we are challenged, comforted, and heard. I personally am drawn to those filled with spunk and sensibility.

Recently two of my favorite friends on planet earth came for a “I just wanna visit” time. We giggled, exhorted, shopped, talked about what mattered, and, of course, ate buckets of food. Anita and Jan make me laugh, think, and they fan the flame of my faith…I am grateful for that kind of rich companionship.

Take time out of your demands to celebrate with friends if for no other reason then you “wanna.”



  1. Patsy
    I just think you are such an awesome woman of God…I just want you to know how much you bless people all over the United States…my two sisters are able to make it faithfully to the Women of Faith conferences…when they come back they are just so uplifted and enspired…full of funny things they share…wonderful worship…and uplifted by the things that you and the others share from your hearts.
    I was able to attend one a few years ago in Col. Ohio…and I, too was left feeling the wonderful encouragement and love that was shared.

    Just keep doing what you are doing, Patsy…you are making a difference!!

    Sherry Ritchhie

  2. If I can consume anything today… it will be the moments I remember to write, call or spend time with a “girlfriend” – thank you ever so much for the reminder! Lady, You Rock, Big Time !

    Thank You for Being YOU!
    what an inspriration you are to me, as my 47th year shines bright before me this month šŸ™‚

  3. My best friend in the whole world is Monica. She has been a friend for almost 40 years. Over the years we have laugh, cried, prayer together. She was there for me when my husband was killed in a car accident and left me with 5 children. We have been there in sickness and when our children have turned their backs on the Lord. There have been hard years of praying for our children and years of rejoicing when a child finds his way home. Through all of these years I have been so blessed by Jesus in giving me my Monica. Just recently he has given me another “Monica”, isn’t it something I call them my “two Monica’s.”
    How richly blessed I am.

  4. Oh my Patsy….this is so true. What a blessing it is to have those certain special ladies in our lives who will be there in all circumstances with a word to uplift, praise, or push on. Thank you for reminding me to tell each my special gal pals “thank for all you are to me!”

  5. Oh, Patsy. How true those words of yours concerning our friends. I have recently lost one of my dearest, longest time friend. My heart is still raw with aching for her. And, just this morning a phone call of another sweet friend, God has called home. At this point, I am lost for words. What will I do? Saying that makes me feel so selfish, but, I will be truly lost without them. God’s arm is so strong, and I will lean on Him ever so much in the coming days.

  6. I was JUST thinking about someone I just “wanna” see! And I’m “gonna!”
    I am richly blessed also.

  7. You guys are so cute and look like you are having so much fun!! Girlfriends are the best.

  8. I too have a great bunch of friends. These women know me completely,and I can’t buffallo them one inch! They tell me the truth about what to do where to go,and encourage me to continue my dream to serve the Lord in women’s ministry.All of that and they still love me for who I am,go figure.

  9. Good friends are sweet treasures. I have been so pleased at my daughter’s choices in friends. Praying that they are the kind that last a lifetime.

    Becky K.

  10. Agreed–those friends who make you laugh, think and fan faith flames are the best. It is blessing when you have one of those, beyond blessing if there are many.

    (Actually, I think YOU make a lot of women laugh, think and grow in their faith–you’re a friend to the masses!! xo)

  11. I am so with you there! I feel the best treasures on earth are the friends that God has given me. I wouldn’t have made it through life without them. I love how God designed women to be that way. What a blessing! Thanks for sharing your your treasures with us. And may God give you many more years of chatter, shopping, secrets, encouragements, “going throughs” and fun!

  12. God Bless friends like that. I think you have to be a friend like that to have one. Everyone I know is too busy with their lives to take time to be a friend. Broken lunches, coffee get-togethers, interrupted phone conversations, it is hard to keep up a friendship with a person that you can’t keep their attention. Where do you find a good friend?

  13. Can I move visit you Patsy?

  14. And I love you and Jan. Every word of this is true. Plus I would like to disclaimer that Jan nor Patsy let me go put on makeup before they took pictures THOUGH THEY were camera-ready. Not fair. But I love them still, hence proving Patsy’s point.

  15. Am reading Lisa Whelchel’s Friendship for Grownups. Thanks for this great reminder!

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