You’re a gift…

May 12, 2010

My friend Carol was an amazing artist and every great once in awhile she realized it…but then all too quickly the information would seep out the hole in her heart. And she would slip into the cozy corner of complacency.

I so understand holes in the heart and complacency. They may be my more obvious gifts. Here’s what I think happens to many of us: old messages of worthlessness puncture our heart causing spill-off of pertinent information like “I am loved,” “I have value,” and oh, yes, “I have gifts.”

Sometimes we don’t recognize our gift because its dressed in familiarity and/or seems to come to us too easily to be considered anything special. When you grow up being a good listener you don’t think of it it as something beyond how you’ve always been, while others are undeniably drawn to your hospitable heart as a place of shelter.

So for a moment let’s think “gift.”

What do others compliment you on about yourself? Maybe its your sense of style, your blueberry muffins, your green thumb, your calming influence, your organizational mind, etc.

Now how are we using our gifts to serve the body of Christ? To help our neighborhood? To impact our homes atmosphere? To lead others to the transforming love of Christ?

If you’re uncertain what your gift is ask half a dozen trusted people who know you well and are successful in their life. See if two or three of them are saying the same thing. That’s a strong indicator and clarifier.

We need to be careful not to brag on our gift because that tends to put human smudges on God’s holy generosity. Yet we should never refuse acknowledgement of His gift within us, thats not humility, that’s down right foolish and obstinate. And another caution is we need to be careful not to use our gift to get our needs met. Jesus gets jealous. He is our need meeter. And our gift is not meant to be used for manipulation but for the manifestation of who God is in us.

My friend Carol is in heaven now. All her broken places are healed. Before she died Carol whispered that she “couldn’t wait to see the colors in heaven.” I thought…”Spoken like a true artist!”



  1. Subscribing to your blog is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself, Patsy. I can’t tell you how much I was blessed to see “You’re a gift…” from Patsy Clairmont in my email inbox this morning and then to read your wise and encouraging words. Jesus is indeed our “need meeter.” XOXOX

  2. Thank-you Patsy for your encouragement this morning. Your gift that was given to you was the gift of being able to express yourself beautifully!

  3. Thank you for the encouragement, Patsy!!

  4. Thank you for the reminder!! Patsy, you are a precious gem. I remember you spoke of Carol at the WOF conference in Atlanta, last year. I had just lost my best friend/sister-in-law not long before the conference. Your words about your relationship with Carol reminded me so much of mine with Cathy. You spoke to my heart that day. Thank you

  5. I love to listen to you talk about your friend Carol. The friendship you and she shared is a true testament to God’s love for us through the friendships He blesses our lives with. My heart hurts for you because I know how much you must still be missing your friend. I just can not tell you how often the story “Let there be light” comes into my mind. Bless you Patsy, and I know Carol is sitting at God’s feet enjoying such beautiful colors and smiling down and laughing and smiling with each story of your friendship you tell.

  6. Thank you so much for the words of encouragement today! I know there are times when I take for granted that some of the abilities I have (which seem ordinary to me) are actually gifts that God has given me to use to bless others.

  7. That sounds like the best Mother’s Day in all of the universe!! Hope Marty is well.

  8. What a good way to decide our gifts from the Lord. If you don’t mind I would like to save this and use it sometime when I am talking about gifts in my church. You always give me insight into how to say things differently to try to make people understand things from the Bible. Thank you so much Pasty. Love you much. Pastor Clara

  9. Beautiful post, Patsy! I think some of us struggle because we believe arrogance or self-deprecation are the only two options. Your post reminds us there is a lovelier place to live…a place of gratitude. I have had the experience of writing words I hardly recognize, or hearing God speak truths through me to a friend…truths I don’t know to say. It’s hard to feel prideful about that. The words were not born of my superior intellect or deep sensitivity. God chose to love that other person through me. That is a lovely thing to be part of. It is a humbling, yet paradoxically ennobling, experience to be used of God to bring beauty into the world. Yet He does it through ordinary you’s and me’s every day.

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