Mother’s Day

May 10, 2010

I spent Mother’s Day in Michigan, which was great fun! Les and I have been holding up in Tennessee and loving it…but when it comes to grandkids, there’s no place like home.

My daughter-in-law Danya cooked an amazing Mother’s Day dinner. She has been making her way through the Pioneer Woman’s recipes and we the recipients are thrilled. From rosemary dinner rolls, green beans, lasagna, lamp chops, cole slaw, and yummy mashed potatoes it made taste buds want to rise up and call her blessed.

Danya wouldn’t let her mom or me do anything. Personally I love that game plan. I’m easily pampered. Not a resistant bone in me just bring on the fan and bon-bons Honey-Girl!

Dessert was a good three pounds more on the you-ate-too-much-again-scale. It was chocolate pie good enough to make you want to slap your granny, AND delectable pound cake smothered in fresh strawberries and whipping cream. Somebody stop me!

Somebody should have! For some reason I didn’t sleep well last night. groan. Bring on the Rolaids. Make mine a double!

The dessert that pleased me most was the non-caloric grandboys! Now that double is a pleasure. Justin (9) and Noah (7) wrote me precious letters. Two things they especially liked about me is I let them help me decorate our big Christmas tree and I fix good popcorn…and oh, yes I’m nice.

Thanks boys…that works for me.

What did you do Sunday?



  1. As a single mom I chose to go out to eat after dinner. Less dishes that way. So we went to service, had a nice lunch and spent the afternoon with friends. I love my kids and every day is really mother’s day.

  2. After a wonderful evening listening to Anita Rentfro in concert I went to church then, to my daughters house. Celebrated with my daughter, granddaughter, son in law and his mom and dad. It was my daughter’s first mothers day as a mother.
    Being able to spend it with her and baby Kenley Faith was precious to me. I can hardly believe it that she is 4 months old already… And I’m sure I will spoil her rotten in days to come.
    Glad you had a wonderful day.

  3. My hubby took me to Dairy Queen and I chose a delicious Blizzard from the “Chocoholic” menu! … because I AM ONE!
    I am a GRANDMOTHER, and my daughter sent me pictures of my loves.
    Life is good and God is AWESOME!

  4. I was in Nashville, TN for the wedding of my youngest son. Then on Sunday we all went to breakfast together before everyone headed home. It was a wonderful Mother’s Day!!

  5. I did my usual every other Sunday duty and helped direct people traffic at my church. Then, my husband, son & daughter joined me for the service. My outstanding pastor acknowledged all of the mothers and asked us to stand. He then asked our families to stand close to us and we all prayed…giving thanks for what mothers mean to families. I cried. We had a beautiful and restful day just enjoying each others company, and of course..eating. The day would have been PURRfect, however if the Cowboys had won The Amazing Race! 🙂

  6. I started my Mothers Day Sunday by opening cards, from my 2 oldest boys, that were awesome! I then went to an awesome service, at our church, with my mom-in-law and gram, as well as my hubby and 3 boys! We came home to a roast and veggies, that we had started before church, and had an excellent dinner around the table! All in all, this Mothers Day was one of the best I have had in years!

  7. Happy Belated Mother’s Day…. Patsy I had a wonderful day. My Mother’s day started on Saturday actually… Big Big garage sale where all the neighborhoods in a very nice area open their garages to anyone who is looking for a bargain and the good news is no kids with me.. I love my grandkids and the daycare children but no kids in sight…. just looking for bargains…. what fun… church on Sunday with one of my daughters and dinner with the family… So glad you had a blessed time with yours…. keep us posted how all is going at the other homestead…. God Bless

  8. That was one of my fav writings by you, Patsy, I love spending time with my kids (4) and grands (8)ranging in age from 53 to 3. We can’t always spend special days together but always communicate. We were taken to lunch by my son, John, and his son, Adam, to the place where his daughter, Suzie, is a waitress. She is much too beautiful and talented to be a waitress, but sometimes we take what we can get to support ourselves. Gave her a big tip tho. 😉

  9. Your face shows your happiness with those boys. How sweet.

    We enjoyed church and then came home with Chinese Takeout. It was a very sweet afternoon with both of our Mothers and two friends.


    Becky K.

  10. Got lots of flowers,and some cards,and some jewelry,and some love….all very wonderful praise God! Oh and called my mom too.

  11. Always love to see pictures of you with the grandsons! Thanks for sharing!!!

  12. My Husband and Our 3 girl’s enjoyed a nice lunch together.. Life get’s busy, and I am at my happiest when we can all be together!! So glad you had a nice mother’s day!!! The Lord has Blessed me ❤

  13. Cute kids!
    Dh took our 2 sons and grandson and me to Cracker Barrel. DS#2 Got me a hat that says “Having a difficult time, send chocolate”and a BIG coffee mug that has Love is…. and some stationary.

  14. Loved reading about your happy day, Patsy! I was blessed to be able to spend the day with my parents- Mom is 80 and Dad is 82 and I am so thankful I have them here! We all went out to eat and had a lovely time!
    I am so thankful my kids can still spend Mother’s Day with their Grandma!
    Thanks for sharing the pics- those boys are cute!

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