Me and Tenessee

May 4, 2010

When the rains began in TN I was in Ohio for the Columbus WOF Conference. I stayed in contact with my husband, which is our usual weekend pattern. I called him Saturday at 5:00 and was unprepared to hear our street had been taped off and firemen had waded up to our home and our neighbors to see if they needed to be rescued. Huh? Rescued? How did it get that bad so quickly? Our next door neighbor had to be toted on a fireman’s back to our house, which is on a higher lot.

Turns out this is the worst flooding in Franklin in hundreds of years. It took a 7 hour car ride before I arrived home from Ohio. By then the water had receded for a few hours, but as I approached our street it was once again encroaching upon our house. It was charging up our driveway like the rapids in a river. It looked like a main break it was pumping so hard.

We parked in a neighbors driveway and I sloshed my way around the house to the back door and within minutes the National Guard and police once again cordoned off our street.

Gratefully it only flooded under our house drowning our hot water heater…for many others the losses would be catastrophic. Some lost their businesses, crops, pets, furnishings, homes, and even family members.

The first night home we were under curfew starting at 6 p.m. That was my first curfew since I was a kid when I had to be home when the streetlights came on. I had never seen the ravages of flood water first-hand before and it was startling. We walked around town to glimpse the areas effected and then headed for our respective homes.

Today the sunshines and the birds sing, but the losses continue…reality is setting in and for many it will be a hot summer of recovery and for others a long season of grief.

Pray for Tennessee.



  1. Prayers from Colorado for you all in Tennessee Patsy!!


  2. I remember flash flooding we experienced when I was a child. Very scary stuff. I’ll be praying for all of you and those who are mourning their losses.

    Becky K.


  4. I will be in prayer for you Patsy your family and your state. Such a beautiful place and beautiful people.

  5. oh patsy, even though your physical loss may not be as great as your neighbors, i know that you cannot help but carry their pain and it’s exhausting. i just reread a famous quote of Corrie Ten Boom’s that said,”Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.” i will pray that you can encourage those around you like only you can, and that you would be filled with the incredibly powerful Holy Spirit through it all.

  6. I have been hearing about things from so many friends in Nashville. Praying for all of those affected.

  7. Dear Patsy~
    We are praying for all those affected by these flood waters. Your presence there will most likely bring happier times to many. You just have that way about you:) Take care and God’s blessings on you. Thank you for coming to Columbus with Women of Faith. So thrilled Marty got his miracle!! Many miracle stories will come out of Tennessee too.

  8. Patsy – we are praying for Tennessee. So thankful that your home was spared and your sweet Les.

  9. Prayers have been and will continue to go up for Tennessee from Rock Hill, SC. Thank you for the blessing that you have been to me..

  10. It was moving to read your first-person account. I don’t know anyone else who was affected. It must have been surrealistic to see this happening to your home–not someone’s home on TV, but your own home. I will be praying for the flood victims, and I’m glad you and yours are okay.

  11. In my Thoughts and Prayers

  12. Dear Patsy, prayers are with you and giving Thanks for your families safety. Praying for those who have suffered loss.

  13. **Praying**

  14. Dear Patsy, I’m sorry for your town.Prayed. Love, Deborah

  15. Completely understand. I wasn’t directly affected by the floods in Atlanta last year, other than missing some days from work because the interstates and roads were flooded. But I know of plenty of people that were devestated by it and are still trying to recoup 6 months later.

    I pray for strength for the people of Tennessee and Mississippi in the coming days and months.

    Your twitterbuddy Mishababy

  16. Patsy, my heart goes out to TN and to you, your friends and family. You are such a humble person and it is wonderful that you chose your blog to ask for prayer for your hometown. My prayers are with you.

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