Wake up call…

April 29, 2010

Some mornings I bound out of bed eager to pirouette into the world….while other days the molasses in my brain saps my strength putting my dance on hold!

“Wake Up!” I say to myself, who is not listening. “Wake Up OR you’ll be sorry.”

And sorry I am when I have to battle the headwinds of my own delinquency. The strain of being tardy, the stress of not having time to pick up my messes, and the nerve-wracking  drive through traffic make me a prime candidate for president of the Grumpy Club…all because I did not get an early start and focus on priorities.

So here I go! With one purposeful fling I’m casting myself full fledge into life! Watch out “So You Think You Can Dance” competitors, here comes Patsy in her orthopedic tutu!!

p.s. join me?



  1. I’m with you Pasty’s, however I not only need the orthopedic tutu, I also need the orthopedic dance shoes! Have a wonderful “dancing” day! I know I am planning on it and I have asked Jesus to be my dancing partner as we waltz thru the town today!

    Love you much, Clara Dvorak

  2. Like pushing a wet noodle up a hill are some mornings that drag on until you realize you haven’t accomplished anything except maybe staying alive, certainly not alert. That’s living? Oh well, at my age 73 I can pretend that it’s just old age, smile.

  3. Where do I get one of those orthopedic tutus, Patsy? I need one!

  4. I so loved this post! I totally relate. I needed to read this this morning. I’m going to dance through my day no matter how my eyelids feel about it! Thanks! Love your blog and books so much. You are truly a blessing!

  5. I’m with you Patsy… joining in my orthopedic tutu and orthopedic dancing shoes! What a great mental picture!

  6. I so wish I had pirouetted out of bed this morning. The molasses in my brain made my daughter late to school. I guess I turned off the alarm and without really waking up. We woke up at 7:40. We have to leave for school at 7:45. Her first tardy. I feel so horrible.

  7. I am sorry, my sweet twitterbuddy! But I am and probably will forever be…..a night person!! *GASP* I know, I know, it is a horrible tradegy. Being the night person, I do not get to experience too many sunrises or sweet quiet mornings when our side of the world is just waking up. But I do experience the setting of the sun and the quietness as our world winds down from the busyness of the Rush Rush day. I wonder if it has anything to do with me being born at supper time? 😀

    So, for now, the alarm clock and I continue to battle it out regarding the daily assault and battery charge it wants to take out on me. And my tutu?? Oh I wear it alright…just not before 11am. 😀

    Love, Mishababy

  8. Is there ever a morning when the forces of Sleep do not tie us up? Is there a ray of shushine that sends a bolt of energy into our bodies that will power us up for hours… I know that the Lord must have had his reasons for our slow starts in the morning … when I get there in all the GLORY… will I remember to ask Him? Love you sister Patsy! Lesli Jo

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