What Comforts You?

April 19, 2010

To sleep in my own bed.

I like to fall back into soft pillows. You know the kind that allow your head to go so deep that the sides fluff up around your face. Ah-h.

The faces of my grandsons.

Pudding. Custard. Flan.

Certain friends. Usually those with the gift of mercy or a major dose of kindness that they share liberally.

Macaroni & cheese.

An unhurried foot rub. Yes.

God’s Spirit soothing aches in my heart. Thank you.

The voices of my children.

Chicken noodle soup.

A heart to heart girlfriend talk.

Some memories.

A well-written poem.

A cello.

A vat of chocolate.

Personal time.

My husband’s tender embrace. Most lovely.



  1. A very wonderful list…I am still waiting for my season to enjoy Grandchildren. But the rest I can agree with wholeheartedly.

    Becky K.
    Hospitality Lane

  2. I’m sure that this was a wonderful and satisfying list. But I got stuck at “flan”. My mind has wandered off in dreamy “yummm…” 🙂

  3. There is place in the East Tennessee Mountains called Telliqua Falls Cabins. One of there cabins has a creek that runs behind it. It is one of my comforts and a place I love to sit on the porch swing and listen, to God’s creation and voice. This is my greatest comfort.

  4. I’m comforted by the thought that I’ll be at Women of Faith in Columbus next weekend!! =)

  5. All those are great things Patsy. However, on my list, there’s no food. Happy Monday.

  6. To watch my son! He is the joy of my life!

  7. I agree with Kimberly, all the items you listed are great. For me, as I sit in my office listening to Christian music, I find such great comfort from the gift of music and the Word of God within the music. And Sylvia, I am going to look into Telliqua Falls cabins!!! Love and blessings to all.

  8. A Bubble bath with a wonderful book… (of course with no interuptions!)

  9. The comforting/loving embrace of my husband.

    The Spirit of the Lord surrounding me, especially in days when I feel alone.

    The joy in my children’s laughter and smiles.

    Chocolate and peanut butter toast.

    A gentle hug from a good friend.

    Poetry about love and friendship.

    Memories of beautiful friendships of those who are walking the streets of heaven.

    My kitty Bubba.

    Knowing that it’s OK to cry because Jesus wept, therefore he understands

    A hot sunny day.

    Jumping in mud puddles, blowing bubbles and making mud pies with my children.

    When I get a great idea and I can write it in poetry form.

    Knowing that this earthly life is just a temprary journey, Heaven is on it’s way…

  10. Thanks, Patsy..your list and these comments are so comforting to read! I would add picturing me (a ‘youngish’ Grandma)being held in the lap of my Abba/Father, snuggling close w/ Him whispering His love and comfort in my ear when I’m hurting.. or when I’m happy!! As I love to do w/granddaughter, Gracie (8)!

    Also, Sylvia’s TN mt.cabin description is my “dream” vacation spot. Would love to sit and visit w/ you on that porch, Sister!! ❤

  11. My grandchildren’s laughter,seagulls on lk mich.,yanni,looking up at the cross at my church,that small whisper knowing God’s voice,all my kids under my roof!,the smell of dill that reminds me of my grandma’s kitchen,conversing with sis Deb,smell of lakes.

  12. It comforts me to know that Christ cares for me in spite of everything I have ever done and that I have dear friends that encourage, support, pray, have fun times with and love me with the love of Christ.

  13. I so love to hear your stories, etc.. Looking forward to seeing you again if not in 2010 then in 2011.

    Your list makes me smile, I could give you that long (1 hr) foot reflexology rub if we were in the same neighborhood for an hour. 🙂

  14. I love your list 😀

    Mine would be something like:

    Reading the Psalms

    I think for me it’s things that make me laugh out loud.

    My husband’s voice.

    Playing a game with my family.

    The smell of fresh baked bread or cookies.

    Picking black raspberries on a sunny day.

  15. Cuddling my cats, cozy quilts, Patsy’s vat of chocolate, good coffee, people sharing memories of my late husband — especially the ones that make them laugh, knowing God loves me.

  16. Dear Patsy,
    Thank you for sharing your special thoughts on “What comforts you”. I would also include God’s healing/comforting spirit in my “list”! 🙂
    also: the hugs and kisses of my granddaughter who holds my heart, the purr & snuggle of my cat,
    the sacrificial

  17. Being held in my dear husbands arms.
    A wink and a smile from my youngest child,a hug from my oldest child,a sloppy opened mouth kiss from my grandson.
    A good book.
    A bowl of icecream.
    During prayer, the comforting sense that God is with me.

  18. Yes,Yes and Yes to everything you said except the mac and cheese but I add to that:
    Sweet Tea
    Hearing a baby laugh
    Sitting on a front porch swing on a late afternoon day
    A beautiful spring day, sitting outside reading God’s word
    Dark Chocolate
    A massage
    Sitting by a lake with a good book and ice tea
    When God and I have our Friend Time

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