Infinite Grace…

April 16, 2010


  1. Ah Patsy! I sooo appreciate you! I can relate to you and God always seems to speak to me through you. 🙂 Thanks for being ‘available’.

    May God’s blessings continue to surround you!

  2. What joy it is to hear you speak beautiful and powerful words of truth and life.

  3. Perfect words to my heart today, Patsy. Thanks for posting!

  4. Thank you!

  5. You are beautiful, as are your words, your spirit, your passion. They just touch me in so many places within myself, and really make me think MORE about the God who loves me. My perception of God has changed over the years (from believing Him to be mostly vengeful, to seeing & finally believing Him to be a God full of Grace, Mercy, and LOVE…FOR ME!! AMAZING!!) Anyways, He has used you to teach me, heal me, and laugh!! Oh, the laughter!! 🙂

    Your spirit is as shiny as that jacket!! 🙂 Love ya!! 🙂

  6. Thank you for reminding me that God sees me….sometimes I forget.

    And my WORD that jacket is fierce!!!!

  7. Pasty thank you for your gift of laughter. Right now my husband and I who are both pastors in Iowa are on vacation in TN. It is a much needed vacation for both of us. Sometimes God has to stop us in our tracks to get us to take time for ourselves and time to get away and be with the Lord.

    We have been gone for 3 days and feel renewed already and we still have 8 more days to enjoy the south before we have to be home. And then we have to take another vacation for two weeks before the end of June. Like I said the Lord is good and knows are needs. I just saw you in Des Moines and brought some ladies from my church and they can’t wait until next year.

    I just can’t thank my Jesus enough for His love and mercy. May Jesus wrap his loving arms around you and keep you safe. I pray for you and your special ministry.

  8. Patsy thank you for the blessing of reminding us that it is alright to take things at our own pace and that God is a gracious Father that isn’t there to rush us. I have looked back at my journey too many times chiding myself for how long it took me to get to where I am, rather than being kind to myself. Hey, I could have never started the journey at all! So I must realize that I’m in good shape.

    I must admit that onion does get tiring, just when I think I’ve reached the core God gently shows me that there is another layer to deal with, but what else do I have to do while waiting for seeing my Savior face to face? 🙂

    I just love your humor and the way you get your point across. I pray that your ministry flourishes for a long time to come.

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