Bee-boppin’ thru the Big Apple!

April 12, 2010

Saturday I spoke in Washingtonville, NY to a delightful group of women from the Grace Community Church. They were hospitable and loving. My traveling companion and friend Chris Elrod joined me and we took a train after the conference to New York City…which is where I am as I write this blog.

Chris and I attended the Broadway production “Wicked”…which wasn’t. Instead, it was entertaining, wonderfully musical, and vibrantly colorful…and adding to the color were the streets of New York. Billboards, restaurants, store fronts, hotel marquees, and vendors every few feet were flashing and glitzy. Videos were being shown in the streets on buildings 20 stories high, young men on bicycle-cabs were weaving in and out of traffic, horse-drawn carriages with flower-bedecked seats clomped by, and bright yellow cabs crammed into the traffic and honked like it was the fourth of July.

A sea of humanity filled the streets and the cafe’s that spilled out onto the sidewalks. All ages. All sizes. All colors. All nationalities. And I loved it.

What an energy when excited people throng together. What diversity. Every nation was represented in the crowds. And everyone had a destination and purpose in mind which was obvious by the way they high-stepped their way in a steady direction.

If I took the best of what I saw it would be a descriptive picture of what the church should be…

Excited. Vibrant. Diverse. Purposeful. Musical. High-Stepping. Celebratory.

Don’t you think?



  1. I absolutely agree. I believe this is exactly as God would like the church to be, after all, this is how he designed us.

  2. LOVE your perspective, Patsy. There you are, once again, pointing to the light that is shining through the cracks. We’ve been to NYC on several occasions and my impressions were much less positive. Can I go with you next time? =)

  3. Great analogy! And can you imagine what heaven will be like? 🙂

    Blessings to you Patsy.

  4. Wow, wonderfully put, and I agree. Everyone, All ages. All sizes. All colors. All nationalities. All with a purpose in mind, and a destination in mind. We all should have the some purpose and destination….God & Heven.
    We also need to remember to enjoy the wonderment, and beauty along the way.

  5. Absolutely, I do agree! Enough with believing that one can’t be joyful and find freedom in our love for Christ! Lord, fill me up to the brim, and then some, with your joy and excitement! Let’s celebrate Him!!!!

  6. I feel the same way in Jerusalem. The life, vibrency,and joy of the people. God be with you and all you love.

  7. Yes! Definitely what the Body of Christ should be like.

  8. I’ve never been to New York, but I sure would like to go sometime. I also want to see Wicked. I’ve heard so many good things about it.

  9. I have never been but I how you described NY is what I picture in my mind. I not only hope what you describe is what describes the church but my life as well. I think visiting NY with Chris would bring about a bevy of creative conversation. So much fun! Love you Patsy.

  10. Without a doubt, yes! Great piece Patsy. I love the way your write! Thank You God for giving us such a vibrant personality to share Your message.

  11. New York IS lovely, isn’t? All of it! We were more than blessed to have you onboard last weekend!

    (member of)
    Grace Community Church
    Washingtonville, NY

  12. Wicked… which wasn’t… but FYI, the BOOK IS! Just thought I’d let you know, since I know what a fabulous book-hound you are, I’m not one for censor ship, but the musical is so very different from the book and many people don’t know that the book is really graphic and terrible. I wish they had done something this cute (the musical) completely independent of this book, because it’s being marketed as a great thing for young girls, and as a result, someone gave my daughters the book as a gift… it doesn’t even have a warning on it, but is full of graphic sex and abuse and bestiality. I was appalled that my teenage daughter read it and gave it to her older sister to read and NEITHER didn’t even mention it (though the older one didn’t finish it, but it felt kinda Adam and Eve in there somewhere!), I stumbled on it later when I ran out of reading material…. turned into quite the teachable moment about what we allow into our lives through our senses. But that’s one lesson that could be learned in some other, less graphic and scarring fashion, I’m sure! I’m so glad you had a wonderful time in NYC, I’ve long wanted to visit!

  13. I totally agree…and this place you describe…sounds like the person you are…flashy and vibrant. Thank you for sharing your insight.

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