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Now That Stings!

March 31, 2010

I just came in from some outdoor Spring cleaning and while I was picking up twigs, branches, and assorted winter litter I remembered another Spring…

We had just moved onto a Boy Scout Reservation (650 acres) and I was feeling invigorated by the fair weather and inspired by our new family digs. (It was a tiny house–think small then shrink image–yep, that was our place.) I had been a citified gal all my life and now suddenly I was in the middle of the woods with no neighbors. Nada.

As I unpacked cups into the cupboards I noticed a forsythia bush in yellow splendor outside the window. It was like a magnet to my soul after a hard winter and I found myself abandoning the boxes and heading outdoors. I grabbed a pair of garden shears on the way out to tidy up the bush, for as lovely as it was, it had a few scraggly branches that were troubling my eye and I knew with a couple clips I could fix “her” right up.

I began rounding off the bush taking a step closer into the branches to get a stray twig when it happened. Unexpected visitors dropped-in for a visit. Seems yellow jackets nest in the ground (who knew) and I had stepped on the door to their home and they weren’t expecting guests. When I stepped back still bent forward a bee-line (I now know where that term comes from) came out of the nest and dove head first down my scooped neck blouse. Did I mention they were not in a good mood?

Inspired and motivated by their “arrival” I began running while beating on my chest. My sister who was nearby began chasing me and our mother looked out the window as we darted by…she commented to a friend, “Oh, look they’re playing.” My shrieks soon convinced her this was NO game…and by then I had discarded my top (the advantage of no neighbors). The next few minutes a circle of women frantically plucked the bees off my body, many hanging by their stingers.


Upon remembering that occasion today I abandoned my tidy efforts and took shelter in my home. Peering through my window at Springs Showcase, I whispered, “I prefer an outdoors that looks lived-in.”

Don’t you?


If I were a book… (or a people)

March 29, 2010

…I’d want to have pictures and gilded edges because folks are less likely to throw you away. (sigh)

…I’d want to have a satisfying closure to my story so folks could dream of their own resolutions.

…I’d want just enough dog-ears (ouch) and pen-scratches to know I was both momentarily inspirational and long-term worth rereading.

…I’d want a sturdy leather binding to promote legacy.

…I’d want to be nuzzled up to classics for my own enrichment.

…I’d want to be referred to people the book owner respected.

…I’d want to be tucked beside an overstuffed chair rather than forgotten in a musty trunk. (ah-ah-choo)

…I’d want to be crammed with wisdom and aerated with humor.

If I were a book (or a people) I’d want to be cherished and shared.

Keep Booking!



She’s baacccccccck!

March 26, 2010

Yep, the delinquent blogger is galloping back with her spiky mane and her thundering hoofs….hi-ho Silver Hair!

I’ve been hiding out in the whirlwind of life. It’s so cotton-pickin’ daily. I mean, have you noticed when you get through wringing out Monday, Tuesday’s smack dab in your face. Then before you can slap it silly, Wednesday’s demanding ruffles on her pantaloons, and Thursday’s tugging on your grace…and so on and so forth. My days and my intentions too often dissolve into silly putty. It’s not that I don’t achieve things…(survival is an achievement isn’t it?)…just not always what I meant too.

So I’m going to give blogging another try…and I hope you will join me….wherever I’m at. Speaking of…

…this morning I’m tucked deep in a chair in a Tennessee cabin on a hilltop watching the sunrise. Friends share their hidden glory-spot and we (hubby and me) are grateful. The flaming-orange sun came rolling up over the purple-misted hills just moments ago heralding the good news that this is a brand-spanking new day…and therefore it’s not too late to try, try again!

I hear in yonder kitchen the clanking of tin cups being filled with robust coffee…and, wait, is that aroma that’s wafting under our door, mingled with bacon? Oh, heart be still.

At last night’s head count there were 10 of us, (ages 13 to nevermind), gathered around a table at midnight eating great mounds of onion rings. Groan. And now at dawn everyone is dispersing into the fresh percolating day…some to school, work, hunting, and heading home.

What’s your day filled with?? Take a moment to smell the possibilities…then cast yourself headlong into the hours bequeathed you by the Host who colors the sunrise and disperses the mist.


p.s. I’m hoping to post 2 to 3 times a week. I’ll keep them brief to hopefully fit inside your whirlwind.